Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last One -- Summary

The most important thing I learned is that there are so many new and changing technologies available on the internet, which is making it even more important to have a presence on the internet with a good web site. I rarely use the phone book for information; usually I use one of the available services on the net, like Merriam-Webster, Reference USA and Google for example for information.

The most challenging thing with the 2.o Project, for me, was probably making and editing the changes in Wikipedia for the Libraries information site. I had to read some of the instructions on Wikipedia. It wasn't an easy cut and paste to add the 'ANNEX' logo there. Also the RRS feeds were new to me and seem useful in getting information you visit often on the internet into one location.

As far as how, we PVLD can use these technologies to improve our services. I think maybe offering more training classes to our Patrons, so that they can become more aware of the new and changing technologies on the internet, would be a good first step.

I wish my parents would get a computer, so they can get the email/information that goes between us kids in the family.

The self-directed leaning was fun and interesting, not really hard at all.

Where is my MP3 Player????

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